What are the benefits of tofu?

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Tofu is made from soybeans. That go through the process of washing, grinding, boiling and then squeezing the boiled tofu juice mixed with magnesium chloride. Or calcium sulfate in order to capture. It turns out tofu cubes that come in many types. Including soft tofu Suitable for making soups, or making Smoothies mixed with fruit to drink as a snack. Or hard tofu that is used to cook instead of meat. Because the protein is complete. Meat substitute available for vegetarians. And is better than meat in that it has less fat. 

It also does not contain saturated fat and cholesterol. But it has dietary fiber that helps with bowel movement. Helps prevent gastrointestinal cancer very well. UFABET Therefore, people with high cholesterol levels and heart disease patients. You should turn to consuming tofu regularly to reduce your meat consumption.

In addition, Also contains the substance “lecithin” which helps with the functioning of the nervous system, brain and eyesight. As well as plant hormones called “Phytoestrogen” is a hormone booster for women. Especially when they enter menopause very good at helping prevent breast cancer in menopausal women.

The first tofu was accidentally created by Prince Liu An in the Han Dynasty of China. Ordered the chef to grind the soybeans into powder. Then bring to a boil to make soup To offer it to his mother who was so sick that she could not chew food. But the prince feared that the taste of the soy milk would be bland. Therefore asking the chef to add salt to make the seasoning more mellow.