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What are the benefits of tofu?

Tofu is made from soybeans. That go through the process of washing, grinding, boiling and then squeezing the boiled tofu juice mixed with magnesium chloride. Or calcium sulfate in order to capture. It turns out tofu cubes that come in many types. Including soft tofu Suitable for making soups,

Benefits of soy milk.

Lecithin in soy milk helps extract cholesterol. and dissolving bad fat that the body does not want and also helps the circulatory system work better It also helps treat body aches and pains in the shoulders and neck. Saponins reduce the absorption of fat. And can control cholesterol to the right amount. It also

Benefits of yogurt to the body.

Many people may wonder if yogurt really benefits the body. So what’s the benefit? Today, we’ve found answers to solve the questions of those who want to know about yogurt. 1 Easy-to-digest helps the digestive system The lactose in milk is converted to galactose and glucose in the yogurt production

What is clean food?

What is clean food? If you are someone who already understands and eats clean food, you probably know that. is food that is not contaminated with dirt or germs. Not through any refinement process Or has undergone minimal processing. Simply put, it is fresh, If you can eat it