Benefits of yogurt to the body.

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Many people may wonder if yogurt really benefits the body. So what’s the benefit? Today, we’ve found answers to solve the questions of those who want to know about yogurt.

1 Easy-to-digest helps the digestive system

The lactose in milk is converted to galactose and glucose in the yogurt production process. When it enters the body. It can be absorb immediately without having to go through another digestion process.

2 Good for the intestines

This is because yogurt contains many lactobacillus bacteria. Those that are beneficial to the intestines. Reducing the risk of colon cancer. Including other diseases Intestinal problems. Such as constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. UFABET 

3 Helps boost the body’s immunity.

According to an experiment, people who ate 2 cups per day for a period of 3 months were examine and found. That bacteria in yoghurt help build immunity. Helps prevent getting sick easily

4 Reduces mold and kills germs.

For girls who have problems caused by fungus in the vagina. Yogurt can be eaten regularly to treat thrush and kill germs in the vagina. Especially during menstruation, there is a higher chance of vaginal yeast infection. It is recommend to eat 2 cups a day to certify musty smells or itching. Vaginal discharge cause by various fungi. It’s gone for sure.

5. Adds calcium to the body.

If you do not want to have osteoporosis Or diseases related to calcium deficiency. It is recommended to eat yogurt because yogurt is rich in calcium. A lot that is beneficial to the body and can be easily and quickly absorbed.