What is clean food?

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What is clean food? If you are someone who already understands and eats clean food, you probably know that. is food that is not contaminated with dirt or germs. Not through any refinement process Or has undergone minimal processing. Simply put, it is fresh, If you can eat it raw, eat it raw. And the key to eating clean is not eating only vegetables and fruits. but focusing on eating the most natural food It is important to eat food correctly according to nutritional principles, complete with all 5 food groups, in quantities appropriate to your body’s needs. UFABET Eating is not a diet. But is choosing to eat foods that are useful, low calories.

How is eating clean good for your health?

As mentioned above, clean food is fresh, clean food, unprocessed or minimally processed, so it definitely has health benefits. Because of its high nutritional value. But low in calories, it is not uncommonly popular among health-conscious people. Including people who want to lose weight. Because the body is not contaminated. Get complete nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Which will result in various systems. Inside the body can work efficiently. And there is no problem with the excretory system because has a lot of fiber. Which is good for better health in the long run. However, eating clean is not eating less. If you want to lose weight, eat clean food.Alone, without exercise along with it, there is no benefit. Because to control weight, there must be a balance between about 70% of food and about 30% of exercise. Which in addition to controlling weight, it also makes it easy to get sick.