Various techniques for choosing food healthy

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Various techniques for choosing food healthy

For working people where most meals Must rely on main meals from restaurants or convenience stores How to choose food to be ทางเข้า ufabet healthy? We have easy techniques for buying food for you as follows:

1. Rice and curry restaurant

Choose to eat only the meat rather than pouring water on it. Because there is fat in the sauce. and high sodium

Choose clear soup over coconut milk curry. Because coconut milk curry is higher in fat.

Always order the vegetable menu. Try eating according to the 2:1:1 formula (vegetables: rice: meat).

Don’t just order fried food.  If you really want to eat You should eat no more than 1 meal per day.

2. Convenience store

Look for signs of healthy options , such as recipes that are less sweet, less sodium, and less fat.

Always eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits along with the food menu.

Look at the sugar, fat and sodium content before purchasing.

Choose a small packet of snacks Just eat enough to know the taste.

Choose to drink water. or natural tea Instead of sweetened water or soft drinks

3. A la carte restaurant

Choose to eat pork pieces rather than crispy pork or minced pork because the pork pieces will clearly show the pork fat. Can be easily cut out

Choose to eat food with clear water rather than thick water, such as noodles and tom yum.

Order additional vegetables on your favorite menu.

Order boiled eggs rather than fried eggs or omelets because boiled eggs have lower energy levels.

4. Buffet restaurant

You don’t have to eat a lot, but focus on eating a variety.

Every bite of wrapped vegetables. Eat every bite of wrapped vegetables with meat. 

Don’t eat only red meat. or processed meat Because it increases the risk of cancer.