Hidden or genital area story of hidden spots

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Hidden or genital area story of hidden spots

The hidden or genital area of ​​women is an important point. That requires special care. for good hygiene

This can done easily as follows. 

1. Clean every day.  

Morning and evening with water and soap. Then pat dry with a clean towel. Do not wipe and rub vigorously as the skin in this area is very delicate. 

2. In the crevices or outer labia 

If there are accumulated stains Wash with warm water. Or use a cotton swab moistened with warm water to wipe.

3. Do not douche the vagina. 

Absolutely with clean water or disinfected water. Because it will cause irritation and the chemicals in the solution will destroy bacteria. “Lactobacillus” which helps adjust the condition in the vagina to be mildly acidic. This prevents fungus or harmful bacteria from growing. 

4. The soft outer fur is naturally intended to prevent moisture from evaporating, so it should not be plucked, shaved, or dyed. Just trimmed and trimmed to look after it. Easy cleaning is enough. 

5. Menstrual period You should change your sanitary pads often. And you should not store sanitary napkins in damp places. Because it will easily cause fungus. 

6. You should use underwear made from light fabric. 

To help reduce the dampness of the genitals. Not too tight or too loose. And wash and dry in the sun before using. To help kill fungus

7. After defecating or urinating every time. You should use water to wash thoroughly. Then use paper towels to dry. By wiping from the genitals to the anus. To prevent germs from the anus from being transmitted to the vagina. 

8. You should observe various abnormalities. Genital area ,

such as vaginal itching There is a lot of ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app vaginal discharge that is unnoticeable. Or when urinating you feel pain like you can’t urinate all the way through. You should see a doctor. For accurate diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.