Stam von Ten Hag helped shape Maguire into Manchester United’s supremacist

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Stam von Ten Hag helped shape Maguire into Manchester United’s supremacist

Former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam has pleaded with Erik ten Hag as his new Manchester United manager. Help awaken the power in Harry Maguire to become the god of the Red Devils army next season.

“No matter what the situation I still believe in the quality of Harry Maguire’s footsteps. Because he has long proven to be a real top defender,” Stam told The UFABET.

“Working as a team manager You have to understand the identity of the player as deeply as possible. Which I experienced myself with Sir Alex Ferguson. This will help us get through difficult times for sure.”

“Maguire is in a bad shape and has lost a lot of confidence. He made the same mistake over and over again, even though he didn’t want it to happen. It is very sad for a professional athlete. Especially with people who are worth almost 100 million pounds.

“But at the same time there were many matches where Maguire showed outstanding form. Help the team win a lot as well. People just ignore them and focus on their mistakes. So I hope that under the direction of Eric Ten Hag he can come back and play with vitality again. Learn as much from your bad experiences this season as possible and grow.”

“Maguire already knew what to do. The question is, does he want to change it for the better or not? Which depends on the tactics of the new coach, new players who will come on the field alongside. But most importantly, I believe he will definitely be more confident.”