Klopp wonders why Champions League final two teams

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Klopp wonders why Champions League final two teams won’t get so many tickets – expensive tickets

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has questioned the UEFA Champions League cursing manager why almost half of the morning tickets to the final. To not fall to the club at the morning of the final. Report from UFABET

Liverpool are set to play in the Champions League final against Real Madrid at the Stade de France in France. Which can hold up to 75,000 spectators. However, the share of Real Madrid and Liverpool in terms of tickets Returned only about 20,000 seats per team only. Which is less than half of the field capacity

“We got 20,000 tickets for our fans, they (Real Madrid) got 20,000, but there were 75,000 seats and where did the other 35,000 tickets go?

“The tickets themselves are very expensive. And I couldn’t be more grateful for what they did. I hope they who come to watch the comedy game can create a great atmosphere in that game.”

Actual figures show Liverpool have won 19,618 tickets, with prices ranging from £50.32 to £578.63 each, averaging 21 per cent of the stadium’s capacity. which is a very high price And caused dissatisfaction from the fans about the very high price.

UEFA has officially opened for football fans around the world who want to watch the game. The pre-sale of 12,000 tickets will be sold. Before the final is known which team will meet. While the remaining 23,000 will be sent to the FA member. Partner main station, television station and is owned by UEFA by tickets in the UEFA special services program (Hospitality) is already open for sale. Prices start from £4,178 per card up to £7,590 per card.