Fortune reveals three Manchester United play who growth

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Fortune reveals three Manchester United players who deserved growth under Erik ten Hag

Former Manchester United winger Quinton Fortune has name three youngsters who deserve to grow into top footballers under new manager Erik ten Hag.

I dare say that Anthony Elanga will start to explode in divine form and become a top player from next season. Fortune told UFABET.

“Elanga has the most amazing speed. No other defender in the Premier League has been able to keep up with him. And the confidence and level of pace development started to look good. 

“It’s important that Elanga is very professional. His attitude towards his profession is excellent, humble, hardworking. Be a perfect student thirst for learning Really thirsty for victory.”

“Today’s children are like sponges that are ready to absorb everything to apply themselves. He deserves to be coach by a great manager like Erik ten Hag. With the opportunity to continue in the first team as well.”

“The other two people. I believe will grow to the top of the league in the Ten Hag team are Jimmy Garner. Who is gaining experience in the Championship with Mages. Bree Hannibal. Whose talent is worth making. They will definitely become the future of our club.”