Real Madrid 1 – Manchester City 1

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Real Madrid battled Manchester City in honor before drawing 1-1 in the opening leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

Real Madrid does not have Eder Militao, who is suspended, but the offensive line is complete. Rodrigo Goes, Karim Benzema, Vinicius Jr. on the side of Manchester City. Led by Earling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City had the chance to shoot straight through the first minute in the eighth minute. Bernardo Silva passing the ball to Kevin De Bruyne with a shot from the right side of the penalty area. But Thibaut Courtois kept it saved can hold.

In the 14th minute, Manchester City found another chance to finish with Rodri’s long shot, full of energy. But Courtois still managed to brush the end of his hand to get the ball out of the back.

Two minutes later, it was still a sailboat who found an opportunity to finish from the rhythm of throwing the ball on the left side of Jack Grealish. Who reached Haaland headed the far post. But not far from Courtois. 

In the middle of the first half.

Manchester City passed the ball wrong. Vinicius collected before opening, stuffed into the middle. About to reach Benzema, but Ruben Dias narrowly cleared the ball UFABET 

The fans at the Bernabeu were stunned in the 36th minute as they took a 1-0 lead. Eduardo Camavinga led the ball from his own half before passing it to Vinicius Junior. Scorchingly pressed from the front of the penalty area, sending the ball into the net with the best of wits that Ederson could save, then ending the first half at this score.

In the second half.

In the 52nd minute, Manchester City almost equalized when Bernardo Silva sent a beautiful ball for De Bruyne to fall into the penalty area on the right side, but Courtois saved it by hand. One was great before Antonio Rudiger kicked it out again.

3 minutes later, Haaland had a moment to catch the ball into the penalty area and shoot with the left, but David Alaba followed and blocked superbly.

Manchester City equalized until in the 67th minute, Gundogan received the ball from Grealish but couldn’t find a shot angle, so it flowed for De Bruyne to press the full ball in front of the penalty area. The ball rushed fast and decisively entered the base of the pole to be 1-1.  

The King almost took the lead again in the 78th minute from a free kick that Toni Kroos took to the far post for Benzema to float, but Ederson Super Save was close. 

In the last minute, the home team should get the most goals when Benzema returns the ball to the front of the penalty area for Aurelien Chuamani to press full foot. The ball was about to go under the crossbar, but Ederson knocked it off unbelievably.

After that, Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Manchester City, and Manchester City returned to play at home on Wednesday night, May 17.