Courtois: The second round is like a final where Real Madrid usually does well.

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Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois believes the second leg against Manchester City is like a final football that the Real Madrid are always good at.

The UEFA Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City remains to be decided. After the second leg has been drawn 1-1 in Spain last Tuesday. 

Courtois, who saved the team several times except for Kevin De Bruyne’s equalizer goal. said after the game that “If you want to defend Haaland. You must not give him space to run. We try to avoid it.”

“City is a team that focuses on possession of the ball. But they play more direct with Haaland, sometimes in the Premier League Ederson throws long, deep shots. We backed down to give them no space.” 

“We played well. And with their shots from long distances, we had to defend deeper. UFABET

“It was a good result. and have everything to play for next week It will be like a final. We did quite well in winning the final. And hopefully we will have that kind of belief concept again.”

“It will be like a final. I hope we can play with that mentality even if it’s an away game. But I think we’ve won quite a lot of finals anyway. So I hope we can play with the mentality that we did in the final. Although it has to be played at City. “said the Belgian defenseman.