Consuming sweet potatoes.

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Even though sweet potatoes are a plant rich in important nutrients. It has delicious taste, cheap price, easy to eat and is beneficial to health. But sweet potatoes contain oxalates that may increase the risk of kidney stones. Additionally, there has been an announcement from the Thai Ministry of Public Health regarding toxic residues in food. ทางเข้า ufabet It was found that are one of the foods that contain certain toxic residues. Therefore, consumers should be careful when consuming and follow consumption instructions.

Such as :

Choosing  Choose a firm, dark-colored bulb with a smooth surface and no wrinkles, holes, or roots growing out of it. The same is true for cut sweet potato pulp. Do not choose that have holes or marks because those marks can cause the sweet potato to lose its flavor

Washing Sweet potatoes should be washed thoroughly. To remove toxins or residue before cooking.

Cooking Sweet potatoes should not be peeled while they are cooking. Because it may cause nutrients near the shell to be lost. And have skins that peel off easily. They can be peeled with a fork after they are cooked. However, different types should not be cooked at the same time. Because each type can be cooked with different heat and time. And you should only eat cooked.

Storing Sweet Potatoes Clean the outside of the tubers. But you shouldn’t wash potatoes before storing. Because it may easily spoil. Raw sweet potatoes should be stored in a cool place, around 12-15 degrees Celsius, to keep them fresh. Such as a food pantry, cellar or garage, but they should not be stored in the refrigerator. This can cause to become hard and lose its flavor. If the sweet potato is stored properly, You may be able to store for about 1 month or longer. But if you keep sweet potatoes at room temperature. Consumers should cook and eat within one week of purchase.